Real Estate of the Future

Huish Group

Huish Group applies technology to the acquisition, development, and management of real estate.

Huish Principles:

1. Total lifestyle is key to community
2. Variety is necessary for a balanced life
3. Diversity and inclusion for all

Total lifestyle is key to community

Total lifestyle community is needed for today’s population where people live, learn, and connect. We create where you want to live.

Variety is necessary for a balanced life

When children play it is the greatest form of learning. Our communities should be designed to bring out the inner child in all of us to play and explore.

Diversity and inclusion for all

Feeling safe and a sense of belonging is important for everyone. We create a new community for everyone to feel safe and connected.

Other Features of a Huish Community


Homes are the digital gateway to provide access for learners to connect with the best academics and leaders in the world. This encourages on-demand and lifelong learning. Any subject. Any time. Any location.


Good stewardship of our natural resources is important for healthy communities. We incorporate sound and sustainable energy production, fresh-water use, and waste management principles and technology.

Connecting and Recreating

People thrive on connection, and a healthy environment helps to bring people together for shared experiences. This includes sport and leisure, food halls and food kitchens, and parks and gardens.


The way we grow, prepare, and consume our food is changing within communities. Urban agriculture is good for our diets as well as good for our communities as we benefit by being surrounded with nature.

Scott Huish has been an executive for technology driven companies in finance, agriculture, energy, construction, and real estate. Scott Huish has completed advanced education at Oxford, Harvard, and London School of Economics and Political Science. Technology and innovation focus on real estate and SDG's.